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“On this panel I drew the white outline of an egg (height approx. 50 cm, width approx. 35 cm) on 1 August 2016 without touching the panel with the chalk.”
August 7 – 13, 2016
39th International Wittgenstein Symposium
Kirchberg am Wechsel
Aesthetics Today
Contemporary Approaches to the Aesthetics of Nature and of Art

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s picture theory of language invites philosophic and artistic interpretation. In 1989, the Vienna Secession de-voted an exhibition based on a concept by Joseph Kosuth and featuring numerous artists of the twentieth-century avant-garde to the ‘Play of the Unsayable’ in order to mark Wittgenstein’s 100th birthday.

The present work by Guido Kucsko, which inspires creative second looks and thoughts on the occasion of the 39th Wittgenstein Symposium 2016, can be classified along these lines. The installation, entitled ‘Picture without Image’ addresses the semiotic trinity of image, picture, and reproduction in a most original way, thereby continuing the artist’s earlier explorations of Wittgenstein’s phi-losophy in ‘The Logical Image’ (Galerie Ulysses, Vienna, 2014), which has been integrated here.

On behalf of ALWS I am pleased that we are once again able to present contemporary art in words and pictures, which is a wel-come and creative addition to the this year’s symposium and its theme: ‘Aesthetics Today. Contemporary Approaches to the Aes-thetics of Nature and Art’. Here, the aesthetic quality lies first and foremost in minimalist form.

Friedrich Stadler
President of the Austrian  
Ludwig Wittgenstein Society