Installation (2011)
BA Kunstforum – Tresor
(sound environment by Karlheinz Essl)

The installation “Double Coated IP Capsule” is multi-facetted and space-encompassing. It tells the story of the symbiotic organisms of a hotel and, starting out from this, develops the idea of a “skip-a-rule” approach, which forms the basis of all creative and innovative achievement and leads us to question the limits of physical protection, which, with regard to intellectual property, requires a second layer – a layer of protection through legal norms (copyright, trademark, protection of design and inventions).

Kucsko identifies this “second layer” as what was once the security corridor built to encircle the vault of a bank. The vault, with its metre-thick walls, old deposit boxes, and corridor all around only accessible by security guards, goes beyond the White Cube and becomes a comprehensive installation conceived in situ, imbedded in a generative sound environment created by Karlheinz Essl. In a certain sense, this installation restores the vault’s original identity. It becomes a “ready-made”.

Ingried Brugger, Director of the Bank Austria Kunstforum.